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The best way to learn science is to do science. These fun yet educational science kits inspire youngsters to question and investigate. KidzLabs is a comprehensive educational toy range that focuses on scientific experiments. The products have won a number of international awards.


The 4M KidzRobotix range features a range of easy-to-assemble, motorised mechanical toys designed to teach the basic principles of mechanics and robotics. The kits demonstrate how simple motors can be used to create a variety of effects, including how electricity makes motors spin and how rotational energy is converted into the robot’s kinetic energy.


Green Science teaches the principles of renewable solar, hydro, magnetic, gravity and wind power and kids get to build a cool, clean machine that works! Green Science kits teach young engineers to use the principles of physics to build their own gadgets, robots and cool contraptions that really work.


STEAM Powered Kids instil scientific curiosity in both girls and boys. The range includes the ultimate scientific box sets. Each set allows children to carry out a number of fun and exciting experiments. The kits are designed to open children’s minds to new scientific principles while celebrating artistic creativity.

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths


Explore the scientific principles of chemistry by conducting crystal growing experiments. Crystal Growing Kits provide kids with all the contents to grow beautiful crystals and display them. It’s a fun and sparkling chemistry experiment.


The 4M Thinking Kits range aims to engage pre-schoolers in productive activities that encourage problem-solving and imagination. Thinking Kits feature vividly coloured trucks, mermaids, astronauts, fairies, butterflies, dinosaurs and more.


The KidzMaker range by 4M has great craft box sets that appeal to kids of all ages. Future designers, woodworkers, sculptors and artists of all kinds learn the basics of practical skills with hands-on and engaging, colourful crafts that allow young minds to develop their creativity. Hands-on craft not only teaches mathematical patterns, proportion and symmetry, they are also a great boost to self-esteem.


The 4M Mould & Paint range includes all of your favourite things - dinosaurs, unicorns, space, vehicles, animals, plus many more. Have fun creating and painting magnets, badges and 3D toys - the perfect gifts for family and friends!


Logiblocs are a great range for ages 5 years plus. A perfect introduction to circuitry and coding! Plug-and-play electronic building blocks with input and output blocks, as well as connecting blocks and the all-important logical (thinking) blocks.


The 4M Sci:bits range is a super fun range of science kits - make volcanic eruptions, send rockets into the sky, design elements & organisms from the micro science world, build a box robot, plus more.


The 4M Glow range has the brightest glow around! Featuring great designs in popular themes, the 4M glow-in-the-dark products illuminate every bedroom.


Mystical and beautiful craft kits capture young hearts and inspire young imaginations. Create your own masterpiece!