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In a child’s mind, the natural world contains endless mysteries. Science-based STEM toys (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) encourage curiosity and understanding. When the amazing is explainable, children learn that they can find answers to what had seemed mysterious. Challenging young minds to find answers to questions is fundamental to STEM development.


Art and craft activities provide a fun and playful platform for children to create new things, helping them to think differently and to be innovative. Art and craft activities help create a sense of achievement and boost children’s self-esteem and confidence. Our gorgeous range of products are also great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Whether based in earth science or looking out into the vast reaches of outer space, scientific learning starts early and lasts a lifetime. Our huge range of science toys, open young minds to new scientific principles in chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy and more, allowing them to conduct fun, educational scientific experiments while they play.


Award-winning range of educational DIY solar and robotics build-and-play kits. Easy-to-assemble, motorised mechanical toys designed to teach the basic principles of mechanics and robotics - a fun way to develop STEM skills in kids.


Check out our range of build-and-play coding toys - fun toys with endless possibilities for all ages, combining offline coding with imagination.


Let your imagination run wild to outer space, millions of light years away – learn about our solar system, how lunar and solar eclipses are formed, and many more fun astronomical facts. Check out our large range of space products for kids of all ages!


Become a palaeontologist and dinosaur geneticist - dig them, discover them, paint them, build them, control them!! Enjoy endless amounts of prehistoric fun! Check out our large range of dinosaur products for kids of all ages!


Design them, sew them, paint them, make them, play with them!! Enjoy magical amounts of unicorn fun! Check out our large range of unicorn products for kids of all ages!


Sprinkle around some fairy dust fun! Design them, sew them, paint them, make them, play with them!! Check out our large range of fairy products for kids of all ages!


Perfect fun, STEM toys for when you have some pocket money to spend!


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